Satin Black Nissan GTR BEARING A STEALTHY LOOKS With Reflective Tron Lines And NISMO Red Stripes On The Skirts! The Car Came Out AMAZING!


Well it was time to see the black Nissan GTR with gorgeous satin color into action, and it exceeds the expectations of everyone out there. When we first heard that this satin color will be applied to one of the greatest cars ever, the Nissan GTR we were stunned because this car already looked at its best with the previous used matte black finish on the body. Now the paint jobs have been taken to a whole new level with the application of the satin black color that looks stunning as it is, and when applied to the Nissan GTR is the winning situation.

Lucky for us we have the walkaround of the Nissan GTR colored in satin black and it leaves us speechless. How cool this color looks on a GTR is just amazing and it makes the car greatest than ever and maybe the best looking Nissan GTR Tron in the world. There are bright stripes added to the color finish to make some contrast on the color and to make the edge lines more viewable. The guy or the company who did the paint job on this GTR has just raised the bar in the paint job services. There are not too many garages when you can order and get this kind of black satin color as these come exclusive only and the colors and the shine finish are very expensive too.

Nobody knows who the owner is of this great looking black Nissan GTR satin but he must be one rich adrenaline lover that likes his cars black and unique. There is not another car that has been painted with this kind of technique and color but many are waiting in the cue as the color would look stunning on any flat surface and best is when applied to a GTR.