Listen To The Monstrous Nissan GTR Sound Produced By One 1600HP & Two 700HP GTRs! Anyone?!

All gearheads love when a car makes a monstrous soundtrack, right? That is exactly what lurks in the footage below! One very mighty soundtrack produced by three amazing Nissan GTRs! Because there are three cars in store, you will experience one very cool combination of screaming music! A whole new Nissan GTR sound perspective for every each one of you! A real music for every gearhead`s ears! As we said, there are three different Nissan GTRs. The gray GTR is the one with 1600 horsepower while the blue and the black one are both 700HP! These three cars have 3,000HP combined!

Both of the 700HP GTRs are extremely fast and most likely have a couple thousands of dollars in mods each! The Nissan GTR sound they are producing implies on money well spent indeed! Now it`s time to get a bit into the grey 1.600HP GTR! This vehicle is really like driving the extent of what a GTR is capable! It is an automobile with a fully built motor, transmission, larger turbos and an aftermarket fuel system!

The fuel that this GTR runs on is called E98! We bet that there is a lot of you out there who have never even heard of this fuel type! In addition, this car is capable of reaching the 8 second mark on a quarter mile! Also, it goes from 60mph to 130mph in just mere 3 seconds!

This is nuts even for zero to 60mph rather than 60mph to 130mph! If this car is not the endgame of GTRs we just don`t know what is! You will have the opportunity to make a comparison for yourselves and to decide which car of these three makes the best Nissan GTR sound! Maybe the gray car has the most HP, however, both of the 700HP cars have some hefty modifications that improve the overall sound! Which of these 3 cars produce the best Nissan GTR sound? Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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