In What Group of Obese People Are You In And How To Solve Your Problem

Science has proved and defined SIX types of obesity that is caused by different factors. Continue reading to find out in which group you belong, and how you can solve this problem for all time:

1.Food obesity

This is the type of obesity that is most common everywhere around the world. It’s created as a result of excessive intake of sugarandfood.

Solution: you must exercise at least 30 minutes a dayandreduce your nutrition.

2.Obesity “nervous stomach”

It is caused by anxiety, depressionand stress. People who have this type of obesity consume a lot of sweets.

Solution:try to control your nervousness with physical activities that will release you from the stress.


3.Gluten obesity

This type of obesity is mostly present in women, in menopause, inthe adolescence period, and with an ongoing hormonal misbalance.

Solution:avoid long periods of smoking,sitting, and alcohol and to try exercises with weights.

4.Atherogenic metabolic obesity

Atherogenic metabolic obesity have people who have a bloated belly as a balloon. Those people have all the fat piled up in that area of the body. These are generally people who consume lots of alcohol, or suffer from breathing issues.

5.Venous circulation obesity

This type of obesity is usually a genetic, inherited type of obesity. It appears in people who have swollen legsand in women during pregnancy.

Solution: Exercises such as climbing the stairsorrunning.

6.Inactivity obesity

This type affects those body parts that were the most active ones in the past,namely, you were doing exercises for them.

Solution: you shouldn’t stay too long without a meal because it can speed up the metabolism and burn the fat quicker. Therefore, eat small portions few times a day.

We hope we’ve helped you and that you will activate your body and try to love healthy life