He Put Down A Sticky Trap Hoping To Catch A Mouse, When He Comes Back Later To Check On It? TERRIFYING!!

Sticky traps are usually used to capture mice and rodents running around your home. But sometimes you end up trapping other things which you had no idea were lurking around inside your house! Here are some sticky trap surprises that people were shocked at seeing when they checked back to see if they captured any mice.

Snakes, grasshoppers, egg sack carrying roaches and other insects. There was even a Cobra stuck to the paper in one home! Turns out the sticky trap isn’t even that good for attracting mice, while it seems to attract everything else. Not too humane either, as whatever is caught is essentially stuck alive and it’s not like you can release them once they are stuck. Nevertheless, in many cases it captures the unexpected intruders, that could have caused future harm or damage in the household.