Hawk Attacks Cat And Demonstrates The True Killer Nastiness Of Nature

WARNING: If you are squeamish please click exit now. This cat gets completely wrecked by this hawk, but it’s NATURE at play.. happens all the time. It was just caught on camera in the ‘hood this time. If anything, this video should serve as an educational video on why you should keep a close watch on your cats when they go outside in certain areas.

Cats are notorious for killing mice, birds, and fish. Leave them inside and they will look out the window and drool over all the birds in the trees. Let them outside and they go into hunting mode.

But now it seems that more and more birds are exacting their revenge on the felines. Once I had a cat who killed a bird, and the next day a group of birds hovered overhead and would take turns swooping down, trying to attack the cat.

Here’s a similar case where a bird and a hawk are dueling it out. In this case, the Hawk actually wins. Not only does it swoop down and attack the cat, it actually grabs it and after a back and forth struggle, it flew off with the cat, likely to finish the kill and then eat it!

Apparently the idiot video operator isn’t a big cat lover as he would rather film the brutal attack than attempt to save the kitty.

Watch until the very end as there is a lawn sign that pops up and it is horribly ironic for what had just gone down!