GODZILLA POWER All Over The World! These Are The 11 Most Deadly Nissan GTRs Of All Time!

Nissan GT-R is known as one of the fastest supercars in the world. Just the thought of this ferocious beast and all its fury pumps your adrenaline up. During these decades Nissan has produced some of the finest GT-R “speedies” ever seen. Being a favorite to every loyal fan for its perceived value proposition and striking statistics, the Nissan GT-R holds its high rank among other accelerated legends in the automotive history. For yours and ours pleasure too, we choose 11 of the most deadly GT-R models of Nissan of all time.

1. Nissan GT-R Extreme Turbo Systems 
This GTR model is currently the most powerful and fastest GTR in the world. It runs a ¼ mile in 7.81 seconds at 183 mph (294.5 km/h).