Fabulous Liberty Walk GTR Project Built By Simon Motorsport From Germany! IT’S NOW READY And Anxious To Roll On The Streets!!!

It looks awesome when we see some new car being present to us. When I talk about new, I only mean a new designed car with a Liberty Walk kit. As we can see they made some epic job with the GT-R. They kept it simple but still amazing. We are quite impressed with the thing they did, because it has more of a beastly look now. We are now sure that if you are seeking for an attention this is the car for you. It will definitely bring you more of an attention, because it is kind of a special car in a certain way.

Knowing that the Nissan GTR have many fans, this is going to be a challenge for them. Will they accept the new looks of this car prepared by the tuning company Simon Motorsport from Germany or will they keep their love for the basic GTR version? Nobody knows the answer, but we will surely see very soon. Just don’t get mad, because there is nothing bad with making some changes to the already awesome GTR. There are different tastes and people choose what they will do with their own cars. Because of that we only hate it or love it. But looking it from the side I think that it is unavailable to hate this piece of work. However we will leave you to share your thoughts and opinion about this vehicle. Would you rather have it or would you have the regular GTR? And it is really important that after the opinion you tell us are you a GTR fan or just a regular car lover?

Just look at the special features in the video and you will be surely amazed. Check out the video and let us know what you think, we are dying to know about your thoughts! Enjoy!